Other Prevention Programs 

The goal of all our prevention programs is to empower young people to make healthy decisions with regard to substance use, gambling, mental health and violence. Our programs achieve this goal by using an approach consisting of multiple strategies from education to fun, alternative activities.

Gambling Awareness

Gambling Awareness

Training for Professionals

School + Community Presentations

Here are a few of the programs that the Prevention Team is trained to provide:

Summit County Teen Institute

A drug-free leadership club for high school students in Summit County. The club is based upon youth-led prevention strategies that engage young people in preventing unhealthy behavior among their peers. Students in Summit County T.I. build leadership skills and a strong support system of drug-free teens. Teens also work to develop the skills necessary to help prevent drug abuse and other unhealthy decisions.

Mendez Foundation, Too Good For Drugs

A universal prevention program designed to mitigate the risk factors and enhance protective factors related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. The program introduces and develops social and emotional skills for making healthy choices, building positive friendships, communicating effectively and resisting peer pressure. This 10-session curriculum teaches 5 essential social and emotional learning skills, which research has linked with healthy development and academic success: goal setting, decision making, bonding with prosocial others, identifying and managing emotions, and communicating effectively. There is a curriculum for each grade level (K-12).

Kelso’s Choice

This conflict-management curriculum for elementary students, intended for Grades K–5, is based on the premise that every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker. Designed around Kelso the Frog, this program offers nine options students can choose from to resolve minor conflicts on their own. Students will be able to determine the difference between minor problems they can handle and serious problems that require an adult’s help. Each lesson can be conducted in a 30-minute classroom period and can be adapted for programming anywhere from 3 – 8 lessons depending on your needs.

Project Alert  

A school-based, substance abuse prevention program for middle schools, which is proven to reduce the onset/use of drugs. This evidence-based program focuses on alcohol, marijuana cigarettes and inhalants—the substances most prevalent among teens. The 10-session curriculum includes posters, role playing, DVDs and homework to incorporate the student and family. Follow up lessons are also available.